CCTV Footage Of Frank Buyanga Kidnapping Child From Own Mother
26 March 2020
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Chantelle Muteswa’s lawyer told ZimEye …. :

The incident happened at Spar Supermarket in Waterfalls.

Frank Buyanga came with 3 armed men with two cars. She said she does not know the type of guns.

They beat up a woman (relative) who was with the son while pointing guns at both Chantelle Muteswa and the woman.

Buyanga then took the child and swiftly drove off.

Chantelle then left the place and went to Waterfalls Police station where she has just finished making a report.

There are now various efforts to ensure Buyanga does not leave Zimbabwe with the child.

Anyone with information on Buyanga’s whereabouts should call Waterfalls Police or CID Harare.