COVID 19: Sakunda $3 Million Equipment Arrives
26 March 2020
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By Own Correspondent| Sakunda Holdings begins taking delivery of its USD $3 million equipment and protective clothing to be used in fighting COVID 19 this Friday as it intensifies efforts to support Government in fighting the epidemic.

All equipment is expected to be in the country by April 5 and the two medical facilities identified by Sakunda Holdings-Rock Foundation Medical Centre and St Annes Hospital-are expected to become operational soon after.

This comes amid reports that Sakunda, working with a team of doctors led by Dr David Chimuka, has already identified more places in and outside Harare which can be used to fight the corona virus.

The utilisation of new sites will be determined by government.

Sakunda officials say some of the equipment start arriving this Friday from China after payments were already done to ensure that Rock Foundation Medical Centre and St Annes Hospital are operational as a matter of urgency.

The equipment expected in the country include 100 ventilators, 10 thousand rapid testing kits, five thousand protective suits, 10 thousand disposable protective gowns, 100 000 gloves, 100 000 disposable shoe covers, 50 000 goggles and 50 000 respiratory N95 masks.

Also to come is 1 million surgical masks, 1 million disposable caps, 40 000 litres of HTH disinfectant, 40 thousand litres of hand sanitiser, 100 infrared thermometers and 5 000 face shields among others.

Officials said there is a possibility that some of the equipment will be donated to Wilkins hospital.

The hospitals will be open to everyone contrary to reports that they were meant for the elite.