Police Publish Full List Of Wanted Fugitives Who Are In Quarantine Centres After Being Deported From South Africa.
12 May 2020
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SA returnees

Police have released a full list of 129 fugitives currently at various Coronavirus quarantine centres in the country. The fugitives have been on their wanted list and had fled to hide in South Africa.

The recently returned into the country after being deported from the neighbouring countries.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the fugitives and suspects would be taken to various courts once they are released.

“They have been taken to various isolation centres where they will be managed during the 21 days of quarantine. “As you know there is a lot of information, which is filtering in relation to the nature of the crimes they could have committed either in this country or Botswana and South Africa where they are coming from. “The profiling process will also give us direction on how to manage them during and after their quarantine period,” he said.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said 16 suspects were as of yesterday isolated in Matabeleland South while 20 were sent to Matabeleland North. Bulawayo province received 30, Manicaland seven, Midlands got 15 while two others were quarantined in Mashonaland Central. Masvingo and Midlands provinces received 15 each, while one was isolated in Mashonaland East. Two people had been sent to Mashonaland Central as of yesterday.

Number Particulars of Ex-convict offence Gender Previous address in South Africa Address of intended destination Sentence
1 Ophen Mudekedza
37years Theft M Village Maramba, chief Tadu, Renco Mine school, Masvingo 2years 6months
2 William Timothy Mupere
34years Theft M Sitsutsu Village, chief Chilonga, Chiredzi 4years
3 Aleck Sibanda
28years House Breaking M Macharaga Village, Chief Maranda, Masvingo 5years
4 Christopher Ndlovu
33years Theft M Matsakale Village, Chief Chimbudzi, Mwenezi 6months
5 Godfrey Mathebula
42years Theft M Chingandino Village, Chief Dzoro, Zaka 2years
6 Madzore Velancio
40years Theft M Mbuyamaswa Primary Sch, Zaka 12months
7 Zvidzo Obey
61 Assault M Muzondo secondary Sch, Chivi 1month
8 Mukurumbira Simon
64years House breaking M Mutero Primary Sch, Gutu, Mupandawana 3years

9 Dube Maxwell
57years Murder M Gondo Primary Sch, Mashava, Masvingo 9years
10 Panto Muchungweni
57years Possession of stolen property M Magocha Primary Sch, Masvingo 6months
11 Tendai Simbi
34years Assault M 699 Makuva St, Masvingo 1months
12 Evans Brown
32years Robbery M Madyanguwe Primary Sch, Chibi, Mavingo 6years
13 Musenge Nashe
34years Theft M Gwamakungiwo Sec Sch, Mashava, Masvingo 6months
14 Oden Nyathi
31years Possession of Dagga M 2346Makondo, Chiredzi 1year
15 Machimbira Roy
25years Theft M Zorobwe Primary Sch, Masvingo 3years
16 Gwati simon
32years House breaking M 4 Citrus Road, Masvingo 1year 6months
17 Gangana James
63years Possession of drugs M Tapudzai Sec Sch, Chiredzi 3weeks
18 Matone Tapiwa
32years Theft M 3342 Rutenga Primary Sch, Masvingo 1year
19 Mudyiwa Artwell
30years House breaking M Magombedzi Primary sch, Gutu 26months
20 Mokotori
26years House breaking M Chikwakwa primary Sch, Masvingo 4years
21 Muketi Sam
36years Theft M 1589 Dendera Road, Chiredzi 3years 6months
22 Ncube Ishe
26years House breaking and Theft M Hundembe School,
Chivi 4years
23 Munyaradzi Mugabe
38years Car Theft M Morgenster High School, Masvingo 3years

Number Particulars of Ex-convict offence Gender Address of intended destination Sentence
01 Trust ndlovu
31 years
Housebreaking and theft m 3008 Magwegwe North Bulawayo 1 year, 7 months
02 Derick ndlovu
26 years Theft m 318 A Njube, Bulawayo 2 years
03 Zenzo Moyo
29 years Armed robbery M 567/2 Old Lobengula, Bulawayo 1 year, 2 months
04 Mguni Oden
31 years robbery M 1543 emakandeni, Bulawayo 2 years
05 Lovers Mahlangu
24 years Theft M 4445 Nketa 7, Bulawayo 15 days
06 Ngwenya khulekan
31 years Assault M 21254 Phumula South, Bulawayo 2 months
07 Ndlovu sibangani
32 years Fraud M 33857 Entumbane, Bulawayo 5 years
08 Nkomo Bheki
35 years Robbery M 70432 Lobengula, Bulawayo 2 years
09 Mthokozisi
27 years Theft M 5365 Magwegwe West, Bulawayo 19 months
10 Themba khumalo
31 years Car Breaking M 98 Mzilikazi, Bulawayo 4 years
11 Khumalo Junior
26 years Assault and M.D.P M 10 Calston Road, Bulawayo 2 months
12 Sithokozile sibanda
27 years Shop lifting F 1090 Nkulumani, Bulawayo 4 days
13 Craig Khumalo
27 years Theft M 4467 Luveve, Bulawayo 19 months
14 Bekithemba Ndlovu
22 years Robbery M 2588 New Magwegwe, Bulawayo 4 years, 2 months
15 Ndube mayibongwe
31 years Theft M Mhlabaloyi School, Bulawayo 2 years
16 Beki Mahlalela
25 years Robbery M Luveve Primary School, Bulawayo 12 years
17 Phumulani Ndlovu
32 years Theft M Milton Boys High Bulawayo 15 years
18 Masimba clive
31 years House Breaking M 168 Nketa 6, Bulawayo 2 years
19 Eugene Zingami Lucky
26 years Theft M 2492 New Magwegwe, Bulawayo 3 months
20 Meki Khana
24 years Murder M 56346/2 old Lobengula, Bulawayo 6 years
21 Alecks chauke
27 years Theft M 5743 Luveve 5, Bulawayo 3 years
22 Ngwenya Gerald
32 years Theft M Sihlengeni primary school, Bulawayo 9 months
23 Ndlovu bruce
29 years Statuory rape M 9068/10 Phumula East, Bulawayo 2 years,6 months
24 Raposo Mkhululi
26 years House breaking and theft M 6721/2 Old Magwegwe, Bulawayo 5 years
25 Michael Ali
31 years Possession of drugs M House number 44 street, lement site, Bulawayo 2 years
26 Ngwenya Sibusiso
34 years Assault M 560/2 old Magwegwe, Bulawayo 2 months
27 Kunene Richard
28 years Theft M P15 Mzilikazi, Bulawayo 14 months
28 Zweli Nyathi
26 years Selling drugs cyrstal M 3525 Emakandeni, Bulawayo 3 years
29 Jabu Ncube
33 years theft M 70375 lobengula extension, bulawayo 9 months
30 Ophas Ncube
29 years Shop lifting M 1963 3rd street Makokoba, Bulawayo 1 year

Number Particulars of ex- convicts offence Gender Address of intended destination sentence
1 Enock Khumalo Stock theft M 1399 Simona street Marondera 8 months

Mash Central
Number Particulars of Ex-convict offence Gender Address of intended destination Sentence
1 Solomon Chauke
36years Culpable homicide M Gombedze Primary Sch, Chief Chipara, Mt Darwin 4years
2 Michael Mucherera
35years Theft M 773 Chipembere St, Bindura 9months

NUMBER Particulars of ex- convicts offence Gender Address of intended destination sentence
1 Nyanga Anton assault M 17 Julius Dale Nyanga One month
2 Chenjerai Chimoko theft M Chipinge near Chibuwe high school Two years
3 Admire Maphosa Armed robbery M 2024 Dangamvura Mutare 7 years
4 Lorrence Harare theft M Chipinge near Maunganidze school 3 years
5 Tumai Simon Armed robbery M N 81 B Dangamvura Mutare 5 months
6 Philani Sithole assault M Chipinge near chivhunze Pry school 1year 3 months
7 Dube bongani Assault M 26 chibanduka rd Mutare 2 yrs 9 months

Number Particulars of Ex-convict offence Gender Address of intended destination Sentence
01 Nkosilathi Ndlovu Theft Male Chief Mabhena Esgondini 5Months
02 Ovystone Munyambo MDP Male 393 Marriage Gwanda 1 year
03 Melusi Mboyisa HB and Theft Male Masendu village Plumtree 6 year
04 Bongani Ngwenya Theft Male Malaba village Matobo 2 years
05 Khulani Nzdinda HB and Theft Male Chief Sandi Mazalingwe ,Plumtree 11months
06 Thubelihle Ndlovu Shoplifting Male Chief Madhuna, Filabusi 1 year
07 Ndoza Ncube HB and Theft Male Chief Mathe, Gwanda 3years
08 Carlison Mahlangu Theft Male Mashaba Village, Chief Mathe Gwanda 8years
09 Prosper Mbedzi HB and Theft Male 218,Dulibadzimu,Beitbridge 7years
10 Ayanda Dube DD act Male Ndiweni village Chief Nyangazonke Kezi 3 months
11 Livison Ndou HB and Theft Male Village Sikho Chief Sthaudze,Beitbridge 8 months
12 Bhekisisa Zwane Fraud Male Ntoli Village, Plumtree 3 years
13 Artwell Ngwenya Assault GBH Male Chief Madlambuzi ,Plumtree 2 months
14 Artiwell Ndebele HB Male Village Tshompani, Chief Mpini Plumtree 18months
15 Tsepo Pethele Immigration Act Male 182 Dombetemba Resettlement,Plumtree 2 months
16 Mlangeni Ndumiso Assault Male Ngezelwa village, Filabusi 10 days

01 Nkosilathi Sibanda
45years Theft Male Chief Jubalala,Nyamandlovu 3 years
02 Cosmas Moyo
37years Theft Male Chief Muzwikana,Headman Benjamin,Tsholotsho 2 years
03 Wilfred Ndlovu
27 Years Robbery Male Chief Tatehoko,Headman Joseph,Tsholotso 7 years
04 World Ndlovu
32years Robbery Male Chief Gambu,Headman Khulu,Tsholotso 5 years
05 Brilliant Sibanda
36 Years Robbery Male Chief Mabikwa,Headman Silas,Lupane 5 years
06 Nhloniphani Moyo
25years Assault Male Chief Sikobokobo,Headman John Dube,Nkayi 8 months
07 Dingani Mpofu
34 years Theft Male Chief Malisa,Headman Sithemba Nkayi 1 years
08 John Ndlovu
36years Theft Male Chief Sinamakonde,Headman Simujemba,Binga 9 months
Thulani Dube
33Years Robbery Male Chief Mathumbula Khumalo,Headman Gombe,Tsholotso 3 years
10 Moyo Admire robbery M Lupane near Luphaka Sec School. 1 yr 6 months
11 Mpofu Sipho Shop lifting M Lupane near Ndimimbili Pry school 2 years
12 Ndebele Mathew HB and theft M Tsholosho near Tshabanda Pry school 1 yr six months
13 Ncube Thubalethu theft M Bambanani Primary school Lupane 5 years
14 Ngwenya Mvelewenhle Possesion of firearm M Tsholostho 2 years
15 Doubt Ncube assault m Bubude pry school tsholotsho 30 days
16 Ncube Given Attempted Murder M Makovula pry school Lupane 4 years
17 Kenny Ncube theft M Madlethu pry school Nkayi 5 years
18 Moyo Mandla Thfet M Village 18 Sikende Tsholostho 3 years
19 Ngwenya Mandlenkosi Posesion of a firearm M Mathambo Pry school Lupane 3 years
20 Ncube Zimba HB and theft M Ntobi pry School Lupane 7 months

Number Particulars of ex- convicts offence Gender Address of intended destination sentence
1 Allen Muringayi DD Act M 13 Bindu street Zengeza one chitungwiza 3 months
2 Jonathan Kudakwashe Theft M 15757 Unit P SEKE Chitungwiza 9 months
3 Tino Chingwede DD Act M 4573 Glen Norah A Harare 12 months
4 Andy Mbewe ( mashumbi) DD Act M 13707 unit N seke Chitungwiza 2 years
5 Soko Jabulani theft M AP 22 Nyashunu street Kambuzuma Hre 2years
6 Allan Office Possesion of illegal Fish M 312 old highfeilds Hre 1 year
7 Kandawasvika Tonde theft M 268 Alpha street st Marry Chitungwiza 3 years
8 Sibanda Thulani HB and theft M 1134 Kuwadzana Ext Hre 1 year
9 Funnuel Mopaile HB and theft M 4279 hota close Budiriro 2 hre 3 years
10 Muchongwe Austin Theft M 7 chitoto Mufakose Hre 12 months
11 Mudiwa Michel theft m 14017C New Zengeza 4 Chitungwiza 4 years
12 Kapunu Banabas theft M 4376 63rd crescent Glenview 3 Hre 2, 4 months
13 Pride Bello theft M 17238 Unit M seke Chitungwiza 60 days
14 Ben Blessing Mandivenga DD act M 41 Chiraramhene Mufakose Hre One month
15 Shadreck Mushayi
35years Theft M 3034 old Tarafa Hre 7 months

Number Particulars of ex- convicts offence Gender Address of intended destination sentence
1 Elvis Sibanda HB and theft M Musala Clinic Gokwe 10 years
2 Moyo Diego theft M Mataga Mberengwa near Mpandashangu pry school 14 months
3 Shumba John MDP M Mberengwa near Mabika Pry school 5years 9 months
4 Mabvunda lesly theft M Mataga Mberengwa near Chengwe pry school 6 months
5 Nkiwane Liberty HB and theft M 1418 Nehosho Gweru 6 yrs
6 Nyoni Dumisani HB and theft M Near Mhlahlayo pry school Gweru 1 yr
7 Fred chimuka Robbery M 2091 Parkland rd Gweru 1 yr
8 Elias Moyo Driving without licence M Fatima High school, Silobela Gweru 5 months
9 Moyo Learmore HB and theft M Gokwe Near Nhenga pry school 6 omnths
10 Nyoni Clopas Robbery M Mataga mberengwa 2 yrs 6 months
11 Sibanda Frenk MDP M Zvishavane near Mapani pry school 6 months
12 Matambanadzo Tambayi Driving without license M W542 Amaveni kwekwe 10 days
13 Stephen Zai HB and theft M Mataga Mberengwa 4 yrs
14 Michel Chikwina theft M St Patricks Pry

Gweru 4 years
15 Chinoza Gift theft M Muguti Village Shurugwi 4 years.

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