July Moyo Says Vic Falls Mayor Can Only Be Removed By A Tribunal Set By Govt
13 May 2020
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LOCAL Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo has said Councillor Somveli Dlamini remains the legitimate mayor for Victoria Falls as he can only be removed from office through a general election or a tribunal set by Government.

Minister Moyo wrote to the municipality yesterday nullifying an election conducted by 10 councillors which replaced Clr Dlamini with ward 5 Clr Richard Mguni last Thursday.

This puts to rest a tussle for power between Clr Dlamini and Clr Mguni which had seen the former disowning a resignation letter he purportedly wrote in March, as he claimed he remains the legitimate mayor for the town.

Minister Moyo confirmed writing to the municipality yesterday.

“He was not fired from being mayor. He can only be fired or removed in terms of the Constitution or if there is a tribunal set of which I haven’t put any. What it means is that since he has been reinstated, he returns to the office of the Mayor,” said Minister Moyo.