Mutodi Blasts Mutsvangwa, SB Moyo
13 May 2020
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Farai Dziva|Controversial Deputy Information Minister, Energy Mutodi has claimed he is now living in fear of the “Chris Mutsvangwa and SB Moyo coalition.”

Writing on Twitter, Mutodi appealed for prayers as he was not aware of what the two were planning against him.

On Monday Mutodi accused his boss Monica Mutsvangwa of capturing state broadcaster, ZBC.

“Living in fear of the Chris Mutsvangwa-SB Moyo coalition. I hope it won’t resort to wartime tactics. Appealing for prayers,” Mutodi posted on Twitter.

Commenting on the battle between Mutsvangwa and Mutodi, business tycoon Mutumwa Mawere said :

lifts a finger against @MinsterSBMoyo alleging that there is only one BOSS in Zim.

is a Deputy Minister yet on social media, he would appear to be accountable only to the President. Where is the order and structure in the govt? The centre has fallen apart.

Monica Mutsvangwa