Shocking Pictures Of Sodbury High School Where Spencer Banda Reportedly Raped Three Quarters Of The Young Girls
16 May 2020
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Parents have expressed anger at the way in which their children are living at this boarding school allegedly co- owned by Spencer Banda a popular sportscaster at Zimpapers and Star FM.

Sodbury High School

Here are shocking pictures of a rundown Sodbury School located in Mashonaland West, Darwendale area, some 65 km from Harare.

Sodbury High school
Sodbury High school

Sources say parents are paying $575 per term and many do not know that their children are living in unhealthy prison-like conditions.

Pictures shared by sources show kids sitting on torn bunker beds, dirty toilets and potholes on dormitory floors making people to question if this is a young offenders’ institution or a real school.

Sodbury High School

Said, one observer:

“I would not be shocked. I visited a school yrs back and the toilets were full of feces with no running water and the students were used to it. So much for affordable schools. Sadly we have exonerated government from its role by letting SDA bear the burden of making schools habitable.

“That school has to be shut down with immediate effect, do u have health inspectors in Zimbabwe ??? Prison cells are better, Chikurubi young offenders Prison more like, not school. Ma1.”

An anonymous parent revealed the dire situation at the institution. She said school children pay $30 per month for the internet but there are no computers, the school does not have a dining hall, children bring their own plates, children are taught agriculture and science yet there are no fields and no labs for experiments. Food is allegedly saved from the same containers used for cleaning.