New Twist To MDC Alliance Trio Abduction Saga- Police In U-Turn Over Arrest
17 May 2020
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By A Correspondent- National Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi says he never confirmed the arrest of the MDC youth leaders Jona Ruvimbo Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova.

Speaking on Sunday, Nyathi said he told the Herald and Daily News reporters, when they phoned him, that he intended to find out from Harare police what had transpired.

The Herald on Wednesday quoted Nyathi who confirmed the trio’s arrest, although he was still to find out where they were being held.

“I can confirm that the police arrested the three in Harare today in connection with an illegal demonstration, which occurred in Warren Park earlier in the day. They are in our custody and we are still making further investigations into the issue,” Nyathi was quoted saying.

“We want to warn members of the public, or any groups who are engaging in acts which affect efforts by the Government to fight Covid-19 that they will be arrested without fear or favour. They will only have themselves to blame.”

Commenting on the matter senior journalist Brezhnev Malaba said:

“Asst Comm Paul Nyathi is basically accusing the Herald & Daily News of lying that he confirmed the arrest of MDC-A youth leaders. This could become a crucial component of the abduction case. For legal reasons and by practice, journos keep notes or recordings. Their testimony will be key.”