Govt Tells Police To Stop Arresting Motorist For Not Wearing A Mask In A Private Car|Kenya
19 May 2020
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Kenyan Government official Cyrus Odhiambo Oguna

Own Correspondent|The Kenyan government spokesperson, Cyrus Odhiambo Oguna has warned police officers against arresting motorists, who are not wearing face masks in their personal cars.

“What they are supposed to do, is to rather just encourage the drivers to have them on,” he said.

While speaking to the daily COVID-19 briefings, he mentioned that wearing a mask, was a culture being adopted to combat spread of coronavirus in the country, thus should be encouraged all the times. 

He added that when leaving a house, it is mandatory to wear a mask since one will be outside their personal space.

The government official said “a personal car is not a public place, police officers should encourage drivers to have their masks on, instead of arresting them.”

“You must step out of your house with a mask on. A personal vehicle is not a public place thus we should find a way to achieve compliance. Police officers should encourage people in vehicles to have masks on so that they don’t leave the vehicle without them,” he said.

The spokesperson reiterated that coronavirus was not going away tomorrow, and called upon people to adapt to the new cultures and practices to prevent spread of COVID-19.

Kenyan State Media