Why Children Under Two Years Should Not Wear Face Masks
20 May 2020
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Farai Dziva|The Ministry of Health and Childcare has pointed out that children under two years should not wear face masks as they are unable to remove them.

“Babies and children under 2 years of age should not wear face masks as they cannot remove the masks when they feel suffocated.

As much as possible, babies and young children should be kept away from public places,” said the Health Ministry in a statement.

See also the latest update on COVID -19 cases in Zimbabwe:

No case tested positive for COVID-19 today.

Today 1 291 RDT screening tests and 553 PCR diagnostic tests were done.

The cumulative number of tests done to date is 31 589 (17 414 RDT and 14 175 PCR).
To date the total number of confirmed cases remains 46; recovered 18, active cases 24 and 4 deaths, since the onset of the outbreak on 20 March 2020.

The Ministry also discourages members of the public from stigmatising or teasing anyone about being sick with COVID-19 because the virus does not follow geographical boundaries, ethnicity, age, ability or gender.