Former Herald Editor Makes Startling Revelations On Mutodi, Charamba “Union”
21 May 2020
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Former Herald Editor Tichaona Zindonga claims that Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba and ousted Deputy Government Spokesperson Energy Mutodi plotted to remove President Emmerson Mnangagwa working on behalf of the military.

Zindoga made the remarks in a Twitter thread commenting on the firing of Mutodi by Mnangagwa on Wednesday.

Zindoga claimed that Charamba and Mutodi wanted to replace the president with an unnamed individual.

Read the full statement below:

No, I’m not rejoicing. This time last year the ex junior Minister Mutodi forced me to write a report on why I had been pictured, on different ocassions, with opposition leader @nelsonchamisa and youth leader Bvondo.

His superiors in the ministry laughed the order off because he had no real authority to do so. However, I did it for strategic reasons not least because the allegations formed part of dossiers alleging that I was an @mdczimbabwe plant and that I had met @nelsonchamisa in Moza.

These dossiers were laid before President Mnangagwa on at least two occassions between January and September. Mutodi was not working alone. He worked with  @Jamwanda2 and rogue elements of military intelligence in an effort to win turf war at Ministry of Info.

They were part of a grander factional plan to weaken  Mnangagwa and prop up a certain individual to succeed him, short or long term. And Mutodi has been part of this scheme and once at Holiday Inn loudly vowed to defend certain preferred journos to the last drop of his blood

The mastermind of this factional scheming is none other than George Charamba aka @Jamwanda2 who has an inordinate sense of entitlement towards State media as his fiefdom, and is deluded to the extent of thinking he can be a kingmaker of Zimbabwe’s politics…

Energy and @Jamwanda2 erratic behaviour, publicly shown on Twitter lately, display increasing frustration and lack of fortitude in the face of failure of their factional agenda to torpedo President Mnangagwa.

But I said I’m not rejoicing. Never held anything against  Mutodi. As my MP in Goromonzi West actually sought a good working relationship for the sake of our community. Recently, I actually sent him a message availing my services for possible Covid-19 messaging campaign.

Lastly, I wish him well in his future endeavours and expect him to commit more energies serving our people – the villagers he complained were disrupting his sleep – in Goromonzi West. As always, I will be all too happy to assist in whatever way. Including succeeding him!