FULL TEXT: Mwonzora, Khupe To Be Arrested – Video
6 June 2020
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We are watching very closely the criminal events currently taking place in Zimbabwe since the 1st August 2018, the latest which include the involvement of Douglas Mwonzora, THOKOZANI Khupe, Morgen Komichi, and Elias Mashavire.


The acts of torture and crimes against humanity which continued from the 1st August 2018 and have been accentuated by the subverting of the respected institution of parliament, fitting into the category of aiding and abetting crimes against humanity are before the whole world to see.

Already there are judgements that have been passed in the SADC region, and one of them is a major one passed on South Africa’s highest court. This time there is a new category of individuals being added for criminal litigation, the aiders and abetters. And this classification being according to firmly established international criminal law will help Zimbabweans see the arresting of everyone responsible.

Very soon Zimbabweans shall see individuals who have been involved in Human Rights violations from as far back as Gukurahundi, 2008 Elections to current abductions, torture and violations prosecution.

Zimbabweans have suffered for 40 years but this time we have sworn that we are not going to allow our legal and constitutionally given freedoms to be subverted.

Zimbabwe is a tiny dot on planet earth surrounded by a world of nations with institutions that respect the law.

Those who are planning on doing these things, should stop in their tracks before it is late.

We are watching.