Leaked Chats Exposes Fraudulent ‘Tenderpreneur’
6 June 2020
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Owner of a company caught up in a recent inflated COVID-19 medical supplies tender scam, Drax International beneficial owner Delish Nguwaya has been accused of illegally using names of First Family members in his attempt to win Government tenders as well as shielding himself from scrutiny, it has since emerged.

Nguwaya is currently in the headlines after Government blocked Drax International from supplying essential medical goods for Covid-19 which he had inflated by over 400 percent to US$1 million.

It also emerged that Nguwaya has been using photographs with top politicians and businesspeople to gain access to Government offices.

A leaked Whatsap chat between Nguwaya and a local journalist (name supplied) has revealed that Nguwaya thrives on name dropping in a bid to win business tenders.

After his corrupt deal was exposed and busted, Nguwaya claimed to be close to President Mnangagwa’s son, Collins who however publicly issued a statement distancing himself from him and Drax.

Drax has no proven track record in the supply of medical equipment.

In the conversation, Nguwaya reveals that name dropping has been protecting him all along.

“Name dropping protects me from arrest otherwise i would be history,” said Nguwaya in his conversation with a journalist.

“This has been protecting me all along otherwise I will be arrested.”

In the chat, he also requests for positive stories from the journalist claiming it will divert attention from him and his company.

He later pleads with the journalist to delete the chats saying:”Wangu delete and send me screenshots (my friend delete and send screenshots).”

The leak cements the view that he dragged Collins Mnangagwa’s name into Drax as a way of gaining access to government tenders while duping international investors claiming he was close to the First Family.

Sources said Nguwaya should be arrested for his shenanigans.

“He is charging high prices to these medicals supplies using members of the First Family, which is far from the truth. He is not close to the first family. He uses pictures to gain access to to high offices in government. Being someone who thrives on name dropping he then makes sure he uses the little opportunity he gets to pose for pictures with powerful people which he would use to gain access to government officials, tenders and all,” said the source.

Delish Nguwaya is not new to scandals as he was once arrested in 2017 for extortion and dealing in cocaine.