Douglas Mwonzora Sells People’s Struggle For 30 Pieces Of Silver
8 June 2020
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By Muera Soko

In her quest for leadership and control of MDC-A opposition political party, Madam Khupe and members of her team, under the cover of darkness, like all evil dealings, took over the offices of the party located in Harvest House, also known as Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi (MRT) house, at 44 Nelson Mandela Avenue, in Harare.

We are informed the team was accompanied by a big number of members of the police and armed forces. It is unfathomable how the nation’s armed and police forces would be involved in a dispute between members of the opposition party following an internal split.

The takeover of the MRT building is not a national security issue nor is it an emergency, necessitating the Armed Forces Commander-in-chief to instruct the armed forces to leave the barracks and converge on the MDC-A offices.

The memo issued by Mr. Mwonzora shows that this was a long-planned move. Contrary to what the memo said, videos circulating taken at the location reveal that it was not a peaceful, agreed upon handover with both sides cooperating.

This party property grab by night has not come as a surprise. The multiple court cases and judgements by a captured judiciary have culminated in this.

The love of money and power by Madam Khupe, Mr. Mwonzora, Mr. Khomichi, Mr Mudzuri and many others in their camp has blinded them to some realities and the consequences of getting into bed with ZANU-PF.

We all know this is a ZANU-PF project.

ZANU-PF has many purses containing 30 pieces of silver for all the Judas Iscariots out there willing to sell out and be used as a tool to destabilize, harass and frustrate the efforts of MDC-A under exemplary leader, President Chamisa. This same ZANU-PF government cannot provide citizens with a plan and resources to manage COVID-19 pandemic, clean drinking water, supplemental food stuffs for citizens during the lockdown or adequate and up to standard facilities for those needing COVID-19 quarantine until they are cleared.

The reality of the matter is that the Khupe team can take the MRT building and everything in it, but that will not realize their hopes and dreams of leading the only formidable opposition party in Zimbabwe.

Owning an office in the MRT building does not make one a leader. President Chamisa is a brand and the long suffering and struggling citizens of Zimbabwe love this brand and his leadership of MDC-A, while also recognizing and trusting it as their only hope of freedom from the clutches of ZANU-PF.

By aligning itself with ZANU-PF, the Khupe Team has further alienated themselves from the citizens and voters who are all aware of the evils of ZANU-PF.

We are aware that ED has sleepless night because of the command of respect and number of followers President Chamisa has.

We know ED is guilty too for stealing the vote from MDC-A during the 2018 presidential elections (ED ipa mwana ma jiggies ake!).

We are aware too of how ED is using the captured judiciary to prop up Khupe and team, to do the dirty work. Khupe & Co. will soon realize that they have been taken down the rabbit hole by ED and will emerge with nothing. No power. No legacy. No reputation, No followers. No votes.

Douglas Mwonzora