I Know I Will Lead Zimbabwe, Declares Chamisa
8 June 2020
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Farai Dziva|MDC Alliance leader, Advocate Nelson Chamisa has said his main aim is to lead Zimbabwe to a phase of prosperity and national unity.

Chamisa said petty fights would not deter the wave of revolution.

Quoted by NewsDay, Chamisa said:

It’s not about me or the MDC Alliance, it is about the people of Zimbabwe, the democratic space is being choked by Zanu PF and it is time we act, draw a line in the sand or we will be choked to death
Look at how everyone has become an enemy of the State and under siege, first it was the doctors, then they came after journalists, then lawyers, human rights activists, the whole nation can’t breathe now.”

“It is a Zanu PF party culture of label and condemnation.

I am not seeking to be the president of MDC. I am already the president of MDC Alliance and I am not going to be reduced into petty fights.

I am seeking to establish national consensus for all people. I am not going to label people condemning them because of who they are. I know I am going to lead Zimbabwe including Mnangangwa and his Zanu PF, so I am going to lead the entire nation.

Why should I say I don’t want to see Mnangagwa when you are a leader you must unify people.

That is my fundamental problem with Mnangagwa.

Instead of unifying people, he is waging a gap of hatred within people.”

Advocate Chamisa