Mahiya Claims MDC Is Being Tormented By Angry Ancestral Spirits …
9 June 2020
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War veterans secretary in Zanu PF politiburo Douglas Mahiya said the MDC red symbol is a sign of avenging spirits tormenting them for failing to respect their ancestors who died for the country during the liberation struggle.

Mahiya was speaking at a official launch of War veterans league in Muzarabani district on Saturday.

“MDC is being tormented by their ancestors who they are refusing to honour by opposing Zanu PF,”he said.

“Every Zimbabwean has ancestors who died during the liberation struggle so if you refuse to support the ruling party you are turning against your ancestors that is why you see MDC wearing those red colours that is a spirit tormenting them.”

Meanwhile, War veterans association chairpersons in all the provinces have accused Mahiya of highjacking party procedures by officiating the war veterans wing to co-exist with other party wings-credit: Bulawayo 24

Douglas Mahiya