COVID-19: Sekuru Banda Hails Govt Move On Traditional Medicine
10 June 2020
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By Own Correspondent| Prominent traditional healer Sekuru Banda has hailed the government’s move to include traditional medicine in the fight against COVID-19.

Sekuru Banda was responding to remarks made by Health Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo while addressing a Chinese delegation of medical doctors.

Dr Moyo said government was looking at traditional medicine as a serious area in the fight against COVID-19.

“We can have a combined research effort; look at our plans that we have here and also use herbs that we can get locally and get the co-operation on how to process (the medicines). This is a serious area which we are looking at. There are a lot of herbs that we can get locally,” said Moyo.

Sekuru Banda said as traditional healers, they should have a role to play in any national response to pandemics.

We want to thank our government for seeing the importance of traditional medicine, we definitely believe that we can help our government because we may have answers and solutions to this disease that has crippled economies across the globe,” said Sekuru Banda.

The millionaire traditional healer said they are ready to come on board and assist government and is open to formal engagements on what role they can play as a sector.

“We are ready to meet with government and share the knowledge that we have, we are equally worried about this pandemic and would appreciate if the government moves beyond words to actually make this a reality,” added the philanthropic traditional healer.

Sekuru Banda is a globally recognised traditional healer with numerous awards and has attended international conferences on traditional medicine.