Tanzania Becomes First African Country To Resume Football Matches After Covid-19 “Break”
15 June 2020
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Own Correspondent

Tanzania this weekend became the first African country to resume a national league suspended during March because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Elderly, children barred from ground

Tanzania suspended the 20-club national championship in mid-March as the Covid-19 outbreak began to wreak havoc throughout Africa.

Spectators were permitted as the league resumed in the east African state, but the elderly, who are generally most vulnerable to the virus, and children were barred.

Before being allowed into a stadium, fans must wear a face mask, wash hands with soap or use a hand sanitiser, and have their temperature checked.

Once inside, spectators must practice social distancing by sitting or standing several metres apart.

Footballers, referees, coaches and support staff are subject to equally strict measures to combat the virus, and change rooms are fumigated before and after matches.