Cruise Ship Employed Returnees In Disgraceful S*x Scandal At Hotel Quarantine Centre
20 June 2020
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Returnees from a cruise ship who are under mandatory quarantine at Rainbow Towers in Harare have been caught in a sex, drugs and bribery storm that resulted in a nasty scuffle last week, 263Chat has learnt.

A source at the hotel said there was chaos last week after one lady whose husband is outside was caught dishing it out to fellow male returnees.

“…one of the women caused a fight as someone informed her husband outside that she was having sex with different guys here at the hotel and it resulted in a fight from 10pm till 1am.

“Half the people here are youth and are disgracing the hotel and because we don’t provide condoms here, some were even asking us to bring morning-after pills,” said the source.

Returning residents at the private quarantine facility are paying in the range of US$100-180 per day per person at the hotel.

Zimbabwe has 512 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 with most of these being of returning resident with six deaths having been reported to date.

Harare alone has 184 cases and with a sharp increase in local cases, quarantine facilities have also become a breeding ground for infections.

The source said most of the returnees were complaining of being sex-starved and some were engaging in sex orgies while bribing security to smuggle in alcohol and drugs.

“From the day they arrived, they have been having drunken orgies and are even bribing staff members to smuggle in alcohol after hours and to also bring them condoms because we don’t provide.

“You can hear loud sex in the hallways and most of them are married so they are sleeping with the young boys here.

“They are meant to be sleeping individually in their rooms but they sneak around at night. We have five confirmed cases and yet they are not adhering to the rules,” the source added.

Yesterday the country recorded 23 new COVID-19 cases according to a government communication update.