Zimbabwe Important Lessons From Malawi: Banda Back In Power
29 June 2020
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | It is possible in theory to distinguish revolutionary parties from those parties working within the mandate of temporal popularity. But the distinction is not always easy to make, because the same parties may sometimes make use of both procedures, either simultaneously or successively, depending on the circumstances. Africa saw the revolutionary parties taking over from the colonial masters. But terrorist and disruptive activities by the colonial puppets mobilised citizens and to demonstrate against legitimate governments.

The people’s leaders were called dictators and indeed many revolutionary parties were booted out of power in a fashion celebrated as democratic yet it was a lot of steps backwards. At the beginning of the 20th century, leftist trade unionists extolled the revolutionary general strike, a total stoppage of all economic activity that would paralyze society completely and put the government at the mercy of the chancers known as opposition.

In order for citizens to be able to make an intelligent choice of representative or president, it is necessary for them to know the real political orientation of each candidate. Party membership provides the clearest indication of this. The programs and promises of each individual candidate are not too significant or informative, because most candidates, in their attempt to gain the most votes, try to avoid difficult subjects; they all tend to speak the same language—that is, to camouflage their real opinions.

Zimbabweans were so excited by the results of the elections in Malawi where the Malawian Congress Party with the help of some few parties romped to victory. The electoral triumph of Mr Lazarus Chakwera in the Malawian presidential election re-run had sent people thinking. It is this Malawian Victory which makes Zimbabweans think very hard about their own country. Mr Chakwera won the elections with 2.6 million votes, ahead of incumbent president Peter Mutharika who polled 1.75 million followed by a little-known Peter Kuwani who had 32 400 votes. As Mr Chakwera was sworn in as the new President of Malawi, rightfully most Zimbabweans wished this was done in their own country. The only reality was that our wishes are already our horses. Mr Chakwera’s win is a statement and a stark warning to the so called progressive parties in Africa. Looking deeper in this victory Zimbabwe must learn that it is a blessing to remain with the party you know better. An evangelist, Mr Chakwera is not new to the Malawi political scene. He won the elections as a candidate for a nine-party coalition, the Tonse Alliance.

Since the departure of Kamuzu Banda, Malawi has never been better. All the opposition party leaders who ruled Malawi after Banda made the country poorer and poorer. The joy shown when MCP won the elections reflected the suffering the Malawians have under the opposition leadership. From 1994 the MCP has been out of power and Malawians experienced the worst governments and their economy crumbled.

Malawi wanted the first love to come and restore order in Malawi. That is the period the MCP has been out of power since the 1994 elections. The MCP is back to restore the country to the right path. It has been diverted from the freedoms the revolutionary fathers had fought for.

Malawi groaned under the opposition for too long and they wrote their regret with their own blood and understandably they had to fight again to get their liberators back.

During his inauguration speech, Mr Chakwera mentioned that there was good governance under MCP. “Now, I am no stranger to the benefits of good government. Although I was raised in a poor village like most Malawians; raised without inherited riches or political connections like most Malawians; raised without electricity or running water like most Malawians; I stand here today because I had one of the blessings of God that young Malawians today do not: The blessing of growing up in a well-governed Malawi.”

The revolutionary parties have demonstrated good governance. Malawi has to stand resolute to bring back sanity by voting for the original liberators and the patriots. Malawi has been plunged in great darkness by the opposition. It took courage, blood and sweating for Malawi to be steered back. The path of freedom is that of honouring the dream of the founding fathers. It took the masses to restore whatever good the MCP was originally founded upon.

The Chetechete mantra which has gripped Malawian Mtharika followers had dragged the whole nation to the grave. This Mantra is very common in the Zimbabwean political table and indeed as in Malawi it will drag the whole nation to the grave.

Mr Chakwera in his speeches he made it clear that the wind of change only changes your future for the worst.

Malawi has simply taken the country back from the regime change agents and placed it back into the hands of capable original legitimate people.

When people refer to Malawi’s struggle as a struggle to give an opposition a chance they make me squeal. Malawi made its mistake and it burnt its fingers. This vote was a vote to correct the mistakes of the born free generation which was being persuaded by money and empty words.

Although Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi were once under one administration during the Rhodesia Federation and Nyasaland, the former remains distinctively different in that zimbabwe is the only one which literally took arms to liberate itself. The only important lesson we learn from Malawi is that you must learn to trust your liberators. Do not be swayed by the Mafikizokos.
By electing Mr Chakwera, Malawians are expressing their will to end family dynasties and rediscover their soul by going back to the source.

Malawi now stands with Zimbabwe shoulder to shoulder in having the liberation parties in-charge of the administration of the nation. The message sent to us is that put your trust where your source of inspiration is. In South Africa we have ANC, Namibia (SWAPO), Angola (MPLA), Zimbabwe (ZANU PF), Mozambique (FRELIMO) and Tanzania’s Chama Cha Mapinduzi. Malawi is the latest addition to the golden pride of Africa. Zimbabwe has been given a good lesson to trust former liberation movements to govern their national affairs.

The lies by the opposition has been exposed by the people in Malawi. Zambia is looking forward to the return of liberation powers. Zimbabwe has now learnt that all that glitters is not gold. All promises by the opposition is but just promises. Realities are found in your original party.

As Malawi celebrates today let’s all join them and say it is better to stay home with the home party than to wonder away from home with the Mafikizolos.

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