Senior ZANU PF Official Exposed And Suspended For Lobbying Chiwenga Coup On Mnangagwa.
30 July 2020
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Claveria Chizema

Embattled President Emmerson Mnangagwa engaged the Central Intelligence Organisation to investigate his own party officials who are pushing for his removal from power and be replaced by his sickly deputy Constantino Chiwenga.

Mnangagwa confronted his opponents within the party by bringing in CIO boss Isaac Moyo to present an intelligence report at the ZANU PF Politburo meeting on Wednesday.

Mnangagwa and his intelligence wing accused some Zanu PF officials of plotting against him by conspiring with the opposition to promote Vice President Chiwenga to take over.

The report concluded that the plot was being spearheaded by Politburo member Claveria Chizema (secretary for health, child care and the elderly) and former Mbare MP and businessman Tendai Savanhu.

“Moyo accused Chizema and Savanhu of organising and funding the planned anti-government protests on Friday,” a source briefed on the proceedings said.

Chiwenga sat silently listening to the presentation.

Zanu PF spokesman Patrick Chinamasa told journalists after the meeting that Chizema had been suspended for “dereliction of duty”, he charged for failing to report to the Zanu PF security department or the CIO that anti-Mnangagwa posters had been delivered to her home.

Chinamasa said that the party has since called for a thoroughly intelligence investigation on the issue.