Motorists Evading Police Check Point Paying “Toll Fee” To Pass Through A Bushy Area
3 August 2020
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State Media

The guards waiting for cars to pass through and pay their fees.

Shrewd ‘guards’ taking advantage of motorists evading the congested road block manned at Delport road turn off along Seke road, have erected a makeshift toll-gate where they are demanding between $10 and $20.

Interestingly, the now popular diversion is operating just a stone’s throw away distance from the police road block.

Yesterday the road was barricaded with heavy disused sewer pipes, large stones and heavy logs. There were two ‘smart’ guards who seemed to be always on high alert as they only allowed vehicles they were suspicious of to pass without any hassle.

The security details were wearing Stallion Security company uniforms (black in colour) alleging to be guarding Civil Aviation transmission antennas.

One of them had a reflector on top, but neither was wearing compulsory face masks. While the Herald unmarked car was exempted from paying, the journalists aboard saw two motorists paying $10 each, one that was behind and another in front.

The news crew managed to speak to one of the security guards who first asked if the news team had used the road the very same day.

“Have you used this road earlier today. This road is prohibited as it is a protected Civil Aviation area hosting aeroplane transmission antennas,” he said.

Asked if they were making a killing since the road had become busy due to congestion, the guard did not mince his words.

“It is quite tricky sometimes as the road is used by people of different backgrounds even high ranking officials. As we are talking to you we actually don’t know who you are.

“However, we have motorists who regularly pass by and mushikashika whom we charge,” he said.

The evading motorists endure a hard time as the road that leads to the illegal toll-gate is bumpy, dusty and long and winding as opposed to the official road.

However, during peak hours it remains popular due to the persistent long queues at the Delport road turn off roadblock were police verify documents for essential service and exempted workers.

The way is now the transit route for non-essential services people sneaking into town.

The road which is hive of activity is also synonymous with sand poachers that are causing massive land degradation around the area.

From Chitungwiza en-route Harare there are many such off routes that eventually passes through the illegal spot, among them just after Zororo cemetery park and another before the police roadblock.

After evading the legal route, the dodging motorists eventually join Seke road at Trek Service Station at the area commonly known as Chinhamo.

Meanwhile, along the Mutare-Masvingo Highway toll-gate, Zinara is reportedly losing potential revenue through an illegal bypass that goes though the field of a man identified as Padhina Dzumbira.

At the illegal bypass, the man is charging motorists varying sums of money which are below those gazetted by Zinara.

The man denied a team of investigating parliamentarians access through the bypass.

Some lawmakers tried to remove a wooden boom gate erected, but the man verbally assaulted the MPs.

“This is my farm and you do not have a right to enter the premises, I am now calling the lands commissioner,” he ranted.