WATCH LIVE: MDC Trio At Court Right Now
5 August 2020
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MDC trio at court. Lawyer Obey Shava says: ” when we last appeared on the 31st July 2020,the agreement had been that the trial date would be the 26 Aug 2020 as opposed to the 16th Sept. But the court had advised that it would be entertaining the trial on 26th Sept. From our side, we had no issues with 26 Sept, we agree with it and at the material time, the state equally agreed to have the matter rolled over to the 26th Sept for trial. All of a sudden, we received summons calling upon our clients to report at court today for the correction of an error which had occurred regards the trial date, so we came and advised that ….the court had pronounced its date as the 26th Sept as opposed to Aug, But the main issue, the main worry which we highlighted to the court is that this attendance, today’s attendance was not necessary. It exposes our clients to risks, you know what happened on the 31st July when we appeared, we were detained illegally by the security forces. One of my clients was assaulted, and for the state to continuously summon my clients to appear unnecessarily before the court, is really unreasonable. It’s inhuman to say the least, so I highlighted that to the court and the court apologised for everything that happened to my client, but eventually we then agreed that we’ll be coming back on the 26th Aug for trial.