How Mine Shuts Down As 24 Employees Test Positive For Coronavirus
6 August 2020
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How Mine will today shut down and its employees self isolate for a minimum of 10 days after 24 employees tested positive for COVID-19 during a routine checkup conducted at the mine, Mining Zimbabwe reports.

The matter came to light in a memo from the mine management to the mine staff members notifying them of the development and the health Ministry recommendations. The memo reads:


To: All Employees

From: Mine Manager

Date: 5 August 2020


Over the past weeks the country has recorded a sharp increase is COVID-19 cases. How Mine has not been spared of the same challenge recording 24 positive cases as at 5 August 2020.

As a result of this sudden spike in COVID 19 positive cases within the mine community the Ministry of Health and Child Care has recommended that the mine be isolated from the outside world for a period of 10 days with effect from Thursday 6 August 2020 to achieve the following;

  • To manage the importation of the virus from external sources so as to contain the pandemic and prevent further spread
  • To allow for containment of existing infections
  • To break the chain of further transmission
  • To continue contact tracing and testing of cases to facilitate flattening of the curve

During the enhanced lockdown, only medical emergencies and other identified disciplines will be allowed to leave or enter the mine in the process of performing their critical tasks.

We wish the affected employees a speedy recovery.

E Gwatidzo

Meanwhile, Fidelity Printers, Hwange Colliery and Unki Mine Employees also tested positive for the virus as well.

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