MisRed Issues Apology Over #ZimbabweanLivesMatter Slur
8 August 2020
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By A Correspondent- TV personality, Samantha Musa, known as Misred, has issued an apology over her remarks on the Zimbabwean situation.

Misred had insinuated during an interview with a Ghanaian radio that reports on social media are not a true reflection of what is really happening on the ground adding that disgruntled and hurt citizens were sensationalizing minor issues.

Her remarks had attracted the wrath of some Zimbabweans with some unearthing her private life.

Below is her full Twitter thread in which she issued the apology.

Dear fellow Zimbabweans, I really do want to say, I am sorry I let us down. I am sorry that my words have caused pain and have resulted in so many of you feeling that I have let our cause down.

I have listened to all the feedback and concerns raised and although my temptation has been to explain away the pain, I do agree I could have articulated our plight much more clearly. In hindsight I should have declined the interview given the gravity of the cause.

I want you to know I share the pain and daily struggles we all experience and do not in any way trivialize this. #ZimbabweanLivesMatter and this is not negotiable. Again, my profound apologies.