EMBARRASSING ZESA LEAK: Mnangagwa Bedded Molline Mayahle
16 August 2020
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Farai Dziva| The reasons why Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa abruptly fired Fortune Chasi, have been revealed following a ZimEye leak in November last year.



On the 21st November 2019, ZimEye revealed that the then ZESA boss Sydney Gata and Mnangagwa are close relatives.

“ED and Sydney Gata married the Mayahle sisters of Chipinge. Gata left Ntombana Regina Mugabe for Angeline and ED married Molline,” part of the leak read.

The leak has since been developed by the exiled Prof Jonathan Moyo who says Chasi was sacked for attempting to reverse a deal that was fraudulently crafted by SB Moyo and Mnangagwa to loot State cash.

Mnangagwa and (foreign affairs minister) Sibusiso Moyo allegedly stole USD $ 1,2 disguised as a state loan from SOTIC International.

See Prof Moyo’s argument :

In May 2019 Mnangagwa & SB Moyo stole USD 1,2 billion disguised as a State loan from SOTIC INTERNATIONAL, fronted by Kuda Tagwirei. The theft was structured by SB, using NOIC assets as mortgage. Chasi found out, tried to reverse it & got fired yesterday.

So, @fortunechasi
was fired not because of #Zesa affairs but because his conduct in investigating & seeking to cancel the USD 1,2 billion SOTIC deal at NOIC is INCOMPATIBLE with Mnangagwa’s EXPECTATIONS as a beneficiary of the SOTIC deal along with SB Moyo & Kuda Tagwirei!

Criminally, the SOTIC USD 1,2 billion was structured by
, who got USD 12 million for “structuring it”; and it was sent to #NOIC after it had already been approved by
@FinanceZim and
; with USD 1,2 billion paid to PRIVATE ACCOUNTS!

Either bravely or naively, after his investigation,
sought an alternative to the SOTIC deal & negotiated it with GLENCORE. But no alternative was possible to implement; without costing SOTIC its USD 12 million a month or refunding the USD 1,2 billion advance!

Without having been briefed on the SOTIC Agreement & thus unaware of its architects & its beneficiaries,

got the deal investigated.

Chasi’s investigation found that the deal was comprehensively & shockingly detrimental to the national interest on every score!

When Chasi became Energy Minister, the USD 1,2 billion advance payment had been paid, all NOIC assets had been mortgaged as collateral for the advance payment, SOTIC was running NOIC & demanding only forex for the fuel; thus making it unaffordable to the majority of locals!