Five Ways To Stay Fit In Summer
30 August 2020
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We all want to look and feel our best, especially in the summerBut, once summer arrives, many people struggle to keep up with their fitness routines because they go on holiday, make social plans or get demotivated. However, we often forget how summer is a great time to stay in shape, because there are plenty of activities you can do which are also fun!

The great thing about summer is that the temperatures rise, which means you can spend time by the beach or by the pool, the days are longer, allowing you to enjoy outdoors activities. We’ve selected 5 ways you can stay in shape this summer, whilst also having fun!

1. Working out outdoors is always more enjoyable. Take advantage of the warm weather to go on runs, walks or bike rides around the park.

2. Practice swimming either in your local pool or by the sea. Swimming is one of the most complete exercises you can do, as it works every single muscle in your body. Go on long enjoyable swims that will both tone your body and help you disconnect your mind.

3. Have fun practicing water sports! Whether it’s paddleboard, windsurf, wakeboard, kayak or water ski, there are many fun water activities that you can practice with friends and family that will also keep you in shape!

4. Take your workouts outdoors! Bring your workout app with you (Nike Training App is perfect!) and train outdoors.

5. Walk whenever possible. Make the most of the summer weather to walk instead of taking public transport or taxis. We underestimate the power of walking, yet it is great way to stay in shape and destress.

With these 5 ways to stay in shape, you’ll be able to enjoy the summer whilst also staying fit!