Environmental Lobby Group Goes To Court Over Chinese Invasion Of Hwange National Park
7 September 2020
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A local environmental advocacy group, Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association has approached the High Court to stop the Chinese from mining coal inside Hwange National Park.

There was a global outcry last week following revelations that a Chinese company had been given mining rights to extract coal from the largest wildlife park in the Southern Africa.

Posting on Twitter, ZELA Director Shamiso Mutisi said the Chinese’s appetite for coal from Hwange should be stopped.

“Chinese insatiable appetite for coal in biodiversity rich Hwange National Park must be stopped! @ZELA_Infor has gone to court,” said Mutisi.

Concerns have also been raised by scientists who say the government should prioritize sustainable environmental programs such as tourism and wildlife conservation in the Hwange National Park rather than potentially destructive mining activities for coal which Zimbabwe still relies on heavily for its electricity generation.