MDC Alliance Led By President Chamisa Wins Battle To Control Zaka North
7 September 2020
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MDC Alliance members in Zaka

As MDC T meeting led by Mr Dumbu hosted at Senator Mudzuri’s house flopped in Zaka Central

6 September 2020

*Wezhira Munya and Kimberely Tariro Mamhende*

In Zaka North- Yesterday, MDC Alliance led by President Nelson Chamisa proved its popularity in Zaka North constituency. Many Zaka North MDC Alliance party members met MDC National women assembly acting chairlady Hon. Mugidho and MDC Alliance National member senator Marava yesterday.

MDC Alliance National acting women assembly chairlady honourable Mugidho said, “Yesterday we met MDC Alliance party leaders in Zaka North. 97% of all 2014 MDC members who were in structures attended this meeting. In addition, all 2018 MDC Alliance structures were in attendance. The Zaka North residents and MDC Alliance party members are fully supporting president Nelson Chamisa.”

In addition, Senator Misheck Marava said, “The popularity of president Nelson Chamisa and MDC Alliance is increasing. Surely, in 2023, we are going to win presidential vote, Zaka North member of parliament seat and all councillor seats.”

Zaka North MDC Alliance chairperson said, “We as MDC Alliance party members we want to assure MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa and Party leadership at large that we are solidly behind MDC Alliance party and we will never join Zanu PF and MDC T.”

Also, losing MDC Alliance 2018 harmonized election candidate Mr Dumbu who has joined MDC T had a meeting with some Zaka Central residents yesterday.

The meeting was held at Senator Mudzuri’s house.

One MDC T member said, “I could not attend this meeting because of the venue- Mudzuri’s house. I am Senator Komichi’s supporter. I can’t go to a MDC T meeting being held at the house of another candidate-Mr Mudzuri who is contesting to be MDC T president at extraordinary congress. It’s unfair. MDC T meetings must be held at neutral venues.”

One Zaka Central resident who attended MDC T meeting said, “Very few people from Zaka Central attended this meeting. Majority of the people were from Zaka North and Chiredzi. Mr Dumbu was campaigning for Senator Mudzuri to be MDC T president during the forthcoming extraordinary congress. MDC T Khupe, Komichi and Mwonzora supporters were angry after the meeting turned out to be campaign “rally” for Mudzuri.”

One MDC T member who attended the meeting who refused the publication of his name for fear of victimization said, “There is high factionalism in MDC T as we prepare for extraordinary congress. In addition, most 2014 MDC members who were in structures are not willing to join MDC T in Zaka Central . MDC Alliance led by President Chamisa commands great following.”

He further comments that, “MDC T is perceived as Zanu PF proxy through our involvement in POLAD.”

*Below* is a picture taken at MDC T meeting at Mudzuri’s house yesterday. 20 people attended this meeting including those who travelled from Zaka North and Chiredzi.

Tomorrow, there will continuation of trial of MDC National youth organiser Godfrey Kuraone at Masvingo Magistrate court at 8am.