Bulawayo Water Problems Continue
10 September 2020

CHAOTIC scenes were witnessed at Bulawayo City Council (BCC)’s Magwegwe reservoir as scores of thirsty residents stampeded to fetch treated water which gushed out of the 140-megalitre overnight storage tank for about four hours.

Although residents claimed that there was excess water being pumped into the reservoir resulting in excessive pressure on the pipes, BCC attributed the leakage to vandalism by local communities desperately in need of water.

As Bulawayo’s water woes continue to mount, with most suburbs going for weeks without running tap water, some residents are now resorting to unhygienic water sources in swampy areas, oblivious to the dangers of contracting water-borne diseases. High lying areas have gone for months without water.

This comes at a time the country is battling Covid-19, which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and infected millions across the globe.

The city is on a 144-hour shedding schedule but the gruelling timetable has been suspended for almost all Western suburbs supplied by Magwegwe and Criterion reservoirs due to water supply challenges.

News broke out at around 9AM that water was gushing from the reservoir.-Chronicle