Sikhala Goes Missing From Prison
11 September 2020
By A Correspondent| The persecuted Zengeza MP Job Sikhala went missing Friday morning in an incident that got his family very worried.
Sikhala was due for his bail hearing at the High Court in the morning but past mid day his whereabouts could not be established.
Sources close to the respected MP told ZimEye they were in a panic. This went on for several hours.
At around 1.30pm his lawyer Harrison Nkomo told ZimEye authorities had finally produced him.
“I have been told he is now at court and I am now going there to see what is happening,” he said.
At the time of writing it could not be established what had happened. The real identities and motive of the people who took him from prison could neither be obtained at the time of printing.
According to prison procedure, the investigating officer of an accused person is the only one allowed to take them out of prison and only for indications provided they are on remand specifically for further investigations.
A court order is sought by the investigating officer to take a prisoner for indications and the prisoner has a right to demand that they can only go for indications in the presence of their lawyer; otherwise remand prisoners only leave prison to go to court with prison guards and not even the police.
Sikhala’s lawyers were however not notified that their client was being taken to court.
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