“We Have Been Too Soft With Julius Malema,” ZANU PF Speaks On “Mnangagwa Is A Fool” Comment…
12 September 2020
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Opinion By Golden Guvamatanga –

WHEN Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), South African opposition leader Julius Malema this week launched another attack on President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his South African counterpart President Cyril Ramaphosa, the immediate reaction to a discerning eye was that Zimbabwe has been too soft with that self-proclaimed ‘champion of black empowerment’.

The agonising feeling of being firmly placed in his rightful position as a political ‘nobody’ who has been touting himself as an enormously powerful power-broker, was too profound to comprehend for the stuttering Malema.

Zimbabwe and South African ruling parties, ZANU PF and the ANC, respectively were preparing for meetings aimed at strengthening ties between the two nations when Malema’s recklessness this time went too far through his unrestrained attacks on Presidents Mnangagwa and Ramaphosa.

The problem with Malema is that he has become too obsessed with becoming the leader of black people’s world that he is now tripping himself in his futile pursuit for the elusive African hero that he has installed upon himself.

That results have not been so generous with his abrasive approach and handling of real issues that affect the masses, as it is coming out now through his reckless utterances against everything and anything that happens in Zimbabwe and South Africa, is one issue that should be occupying his mind.

And the time has come to expose the chameleon that Malema is.

A lecture too on politics would suffice this expose.

And here we go.

There is something pitiable about Malema’s supposed radicalism, an unsavoury search for self-worth in his desperate pursuit for the redressal of land imbalances and the implementation of black economic empowerment in his country.

His is a career that started on striking the right chords; speaking the language of many but one that has horribly gone off the rails as Malema is heavily compromised with the few pieces of silver and gold of the whites, who he pretends to be fighting against.

The exposure cannot overlook the desperate attention seeking stunts that have enmeshed him that he can no-longer realise that his opposition politics does not go beyond the South African borders.

He is not an opposition in Zimbabwe or any other country outside South Africa for that, and as such, cannot come here with his dirty hands and claim to be ‘cleansing’ the mess that he claims is afflicting Harare.

“Cyril and Mnangagwa are two fools, so they can’t resolve anything,” Malema told journalists in Johannesburg on Monday.

“Mnangagwa must go.

“The people of Zimbabwe deserve a better leader.

“The people of Zimbabwe deserve a revolutionary who will continue with the land question of Zimbabwe.

“Mnangagwa is the highest sell-out ever in the history of African politics.

“He must be known as a sell-out and not as a revolutionary.

“Anyone who reverses the land question in Zimbabwe and compensates white people for a stolen land is a sell-out.

“And that’s what Mnangagwa is.”

We will make Malema, who has been blindly parroting the inane narrative of an ambitious faction within ZANU PF that fell by the wayside during the political changes that took place in November 2017, understand one or two issues about the Land Reform and Resettlement Programme in Zimbabwe.

In the first instance is the fact that Zimbabwe is in no way going to reverse the Land Reform and Resettlement Programme.

Instead, it has drawn from the Constitution of Zimbabwe that was endorsed by Zimbabweans in 2013, processes to be taken to compensate farmers who lost land during the implementation of the programme in 2000 and to put in place measures to increase productivity through regularisation of relevant documents.

“There is no confusion because the Constitution of Zimbabwe is very clear, Section 295 subsection 1 and subsection 2 that we have an obligation to compensate for land and improvements for indigenous Zimbabweans who constitute only 1,3 percent of the 18 600 farmers that were allocated land,” Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement Minister, Dr Anxious Masuku told the media last week.

“We also have an obligation under the Constitution, to consider the BIPPAS and Bilateral Investment Treaty and those constitute just under one percent of the 18 600 beneficiaries. Those fall in the category that the SI 62 of 2020 clearly explains.

“When an application is lodged with the Minister, there is consideration whether in the public interest and security of the country there is merit in doing so. Where it is no longer possible then compensation is offered.

“This indicates that the Land Reform Programme is irreversible. So those that are there ought to follow the law because the land is vested in the State and that category of farmers is 294 and again about one percent of the 18 600. Altogether the numbers that we are looking at addressing, redressing for the clarity we gave on Monday

affects a mere 3,2 percent of the beneficiaries. You will not notice it because it’s a minute proportion of the beneficiaries.

“The Global Compensation Deed clearly articulates that and there is acceptance by both parties that we now want to move to a second stage which is ensuring that we increase agricultural productivity, we increase production and profitability; agriculture becomes a business and this country is way up in food security territory from now into the future.

“Government is genuine and has done the best under the circumstances and provision of the Constitution which we overwhelmingly adopted in 2013.”

While at it, it is crucial to unravel the real Malema, despite all pretences and his purported ‘man of the people’ stance.

On April 23 2019, theafricareport released a report that exposed Malema as a beneficiary of corruption and white capital monopoly.

The report was titled, ‘South African party funding under the spotlight’ and it listed the EFF thus:

Economic Freedom Fighters

λ An amaBunghane investigation revealed that Afrirent, a company which bid for a tender to the value of R1,26 billion from the City of Johannesburg, transferred R500 000 to Mahuna. Mahuna is a front company managed by the cousin of EFF’s Commander in Chief (CIC), Julius Malema. Mahuna is reportedly used as a “slush fund” by the EFF and Malema.

λ VBS Mutual Bank, referred to earlier, was exposed for funds accrued to EFF’s Floyd Shivambu and the party’s CIC, Julius Malema. In 2018, it was revealed that Floyd Shivambu’s brother, Brian Shivambu, was allocated R16 million. R10 million of these funds was allocated to Floyd Shivambu and the party’s account was allocated at least R1.8 million.

λ Adriano Mazzotti is a businessman and the co-director of Carnilinx, a company that manufactures cigarettes. Mazzotti has admitted to, ‘smuggling, corruption, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and attempted bribery of SARS officials.’59 In 2013, Mazzotti donated R200 000 to the EFF which was used for the party’s registration to contest the 2014 general elections prior to the party’s registration.

A May 10 2020 report by The Citizen brutally exposes Malema as a cheat, vile leader who revels in stealing from the poor he claims to represent.

Titled ‘BLF accuses Malema and EFF of actually giving R6m to ‘white monopoly capital’, the report read in part:

“The EFF on Friday challenged others who had said they would be giving big donations to the fund to produce proof of it.

In a statement on Sunday, Black First Land First (BLF) said it found itself ‘forced’ to comment on the EFF’s R6 million donation to the Solidarity Fund.

The EFF had on Friday released a statement in which they revealed they had already contributed R6 million to the fund, and they challenged other political parties and businesses to prove what they had given, especially those who had earlier made pledges.

The BLF, however, was not impressed, and claimed the party was displaying a ‘lack of a pro-black ideology, black consciousness (BC)’, even though the EFF had said in their statement they ‘hoped’ the Solidarity Fund would do business with “black-owned or BEE-compliant businesses.

The BLF’s deputy president, Zanele Lwana, retorted: ‘The lack of BC has reduced these parties to being servants of white monopoly capitalists like Johann Rupert’.

She alleged that the Solidarity Fund was ‘a mechanism that prioritises white businesses’.

The R6 million is in fact a gift from Julius Malema to white businesses.

She said the Black Business Council had complained about how the Solidarity Fund allegedly sidelined black businesses.

Malema ignored these legitimate cries. To this end he chose to donate the R6 million with no conditions in favour of black businesses to the same Solidarity Fund.

Black businesses, like spaza shops, have been destroyed by the lack of government support during the lockdown. In fact white monopoly capital is now taking over the township economy after the destruction of black businesses during the Covid-19 crisis.”

One crucial lesson that Malema should embrace is that the key to success in politics is minding your own business.

Extracted from ZANU PF’s The Patriotic