14 September 2020
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Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu branch executive members converged in Rundu town on Saturday 12th of September to deliberate on serious and pressing national issues.

Since the country was dragged back to level 3 covid-19 pandemic lockdown due to escalating infections, the vibrant branch did not throw in the towel on their tedious preparations of its belated anniversary celebrations of the Branch formation which was due on the 10th of August 2020 when it turned 1 year old.

Although we don’t have a definite date for our wild celebrations as Social Democrats in Rundu, Namibia, members of the national democratic struggle were convinced by our organic Secretary General Simbarashe Ndoda to soldier on paying their subscriptions and contributions towards the oncoming event.

In his address to the leadership, he further elaborated on the dire need for the executive to elucidate to new and old members the Ideology of Social Democracy and other Smart policies such as the current RELOAD POLICY which is a clear roadmap to the return to Legitimacy and constitutionalism in the Motherland.

The magnificent smart policy was well articulated by our organic and pragmatic Secretary General who was very proud of the clear revolutionary trajectory displayed by Mdc Alliance Rundu Branch.

Moreover, the executive went on to unravel the political obligation of all committed and dedicated revolutionaries to increase political and diplomatic pressure on the satanic Zanupf regime as Mdc Alliance Branches across the globe.

We agreed to continue amplifying our bitter voices against senseless and barefaced corruption,looting, arbitrary arrests,torture,abductions and gross misgovernance as Mdc Alliance Rundu Branch.

This is a sure way of implementing the recent 2019 elective Congress resolutions in Gweru where we resolved that the Branch must be superior(Branch Supremacy) in our democratic struggle to allow the grassroots to contribute meaningfully in the fight for a people’s government.

Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu Branch shall not surrender on their zeal to grow the party beyond borders specifically in Namibia.

The executive pledged to play a pivotal in the opening of Mdc Alliance Branches in Namibia so that we broaden activity at the same time ensuring that Zanupf is eliminated through political and diplomatic pressure from the regions.

We did not abandon our original plan to mobilise Nkurenkuru and the Northern parts of Namibia soon after the lockdown. Point persons are already busy working for the change that delivers in the mentioned towns.

The leadership concurred on the need to mount pressure from all branches across the Universe. Our people need leadership so we shall provide.

We reminded each other that Leadership is Activity because without activity no leadership attempt can suffice. Social democrats in Rundu resonated that lack of organic leadership is cancerous and detrimental to the existence of the people’s movement.

Keeping positions must be a thing of the past hence we promised to be practical and ready to fight for the change that delivers.

Furthermore, the Branch leadership did not give a cold shoulder on the desperation of Zanupf thugocrats who dismally failed to hoodwink the international community through their fake CCTV video purporting that the Mdc Alliance trio, Joanna, Netsai and Cecilia stage-managed their abduction.

“This is just beyond nonsense to think that as Mdc Alliance we need a rocket scientist to name and shame our abductors.

Zanupf thugocrats are the ones responsible for both daylight human butchery and forced disappearances during the night”, echoed cobra-headed Branch Spokesperson Robson Ruhanya.

The executive members agreed that the Political hollowness of Zanupf could not be concealed because the Zanupf police had confirmed the arrest before making an incalcable about turn trying to reverse the claims they had made earlier to the press.

The gathered social democrats made it point blank that Zanupf-sponsored state agents are undoubtedly
responsible  for the state-sanctioned abductions and torture of our people shrinking the democratic space.

It was confessed by the clueless counterfeit war veteran(a known taxi driver masquerading as genuine liberator), empty-headed Patrick (chinhu chedu) Chinamasa and illegitimate, court imposed Zanupf President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa who publicly identified social democrats as bad apples.

The executive was infuriated by these reckless and unscrupulous utterances especially when they barely threatened our leaders President Advocate Nelson Chamisa and Vice-President Tendai Biti. Chinamasa had the guts to describe our leaders as children who are playing with fire.

The problem of our leadership in the face of Zanupf is their ability to challenge stomach politics of rhetoric and personal glory.

In conclusion, the executive marvelled at Zanupf’s own goal when their old Acting Spokesperson described their institution as fire implying that they are obviously at the epicentre of abductions and torture.

We concurred on the need to embrace participatory democracy to defeat Zanupf Satanists. Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu branch declared Dangerous Freedom as the panacea to socio-economic emancipation.


Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya