Neighbourhood Watch Policing Officers Beat Up A Man To Death
15 September 2020

TWO members of the neighbourhood watch committee have been arrested together with a villager for allegedly beating up a man to death for intervening when they tried to apprehend his friend.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident which occurred in Nyamime area in Filabusi. He said Wisdom Moyo and Terrence Maphosa who are both neighbourhood watch committee members and Nathan Dlamini all from Filabusi allegedly attacked Prince Maphosa on Wednesday last week and he later died on Monday while admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital.

“I can confirm that we recorded a murder case which occurred in Nyamime area in Filabusi. On 9 September a friend of the now deceased Prince Maphosa threw bricks and destroyed windows of a shop at Nyamime Business Centre. Moyo, Maphosa and Dlamini apprehended him and while they were on their way to the nearest police base Prince followed them and attacked them,” he said.

“Prince assisted his friend to escape and they fled from the neighbourhood watch committee members. Moyo, Terrence and Dlamini later pursued Prince and they assaulted him using unknown objects. Prince sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Filabusi District Hospital where he was further referred to Mpilo Hospital. Prince later died on Monday at Mpilo Hospital after succumbing to the injuries he sustained during the attack.”

Chief Insp Ndebele said the trio had since been arrested and they were assisting police with investigations. He urged members of the public to ensure that they cooperate with peace officers.

“People should cooperate with peace officers when they are carrying out their duties and not fight them. Neighbourhood watch committee members act with authority and should be given the respect that they deserve. If members of the public have a query over their arrest, they should make reports later. It’s unfortunate that we have lost a life in this incident,” he said.