Ronnie ‘Vazvamburi’ Mudhindo Grooms Innocent Ronnie Mudhindo Jr.
17 September 2020
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By John Mutsengi | After having groomed a legion of musical artistes Ronnie has now decided to push up his own son Innocent Ronnie Mudhindo Jr.

The spindly nine-year old boy has already shown great skill in music that should see him soar to even greater heights should he maintain the pace at which he is moving learning music.

” I believe that it’s my calling that I notice musical talent in people and help them nurture and realize that talent. It has been my dream that I would someday notice that talent among my children and groom them to be some of the finest artistes in the world. My first born David doesn’t have that passion for being a music performer, rather he chose to be a music producer. Then comes Thomas, my second born, he inherited my other talent which I didn’t pursue, he’s a fine soccer player.
“It is my third born Innocent Ronnie Mudhindo Jr who has taken after me in music. I have not yet noticed what my last born Sidney is talented in. Whatever it will be, I’ll support him the way I’m doing to his elder brothers,” says Mudhindo who is former Utakataka Express founding bassist.

The duo hime recently been in the studio recording Innocent Ronnie Mudhindo Jr’s debut single “Chauya Chikara” which is to be expected out in two weeks time along with its video.
“I’m teaching him to sing with his own natural voice not to mimic someone else’s voice because mimicking someone else’s voice has some limitations. But with your own voice you can sing all you want”, says Vazvamburi.
” But I don’t want to disturb him academically, because he’s doing very well in school. So I’m only giving him an hour per day for music rehearsals. As someone who’s quick to grasp and an avid learner it’s not a problem for him. After music lessons he then goes back to his schoolwork,” says Mudhindo.

To date Mudhindo has discovered and groomed guitarists, singers and dancers in the likes of the late legendary Sungura icon Leonard Dembo’s son, Tendai Dembo, Sungura ace Tongai Moyo’s sons Peter Dewa Moyo and Obert Tongai Moyo Jr, former Utakataka Express and Orchestra Mberikwazvo drummer Watson Fundula, former Utakataka Express and current Zimbabwe Prison Services Band drummer Donald Mashiri, current Utakataka Express drummer, Dennis ‘Mapancho’ Mashiri; he is Donald’s younger brother. There is Hazel Banda, Tellmore ‘Tedza’ Gwature, Joseph Moyana, Kicha and Great ‘Officer’ Njanji, Utakataka Express dancers. They are all products of Vazvamburi coaching. Great Njanji was groomed and taught Officer Dance by Ronnie Mudhindo before he crossed the floor to join the late Murozvi Mukuru Tongai Moyo.

The other musicians who have been helped by Ronnie Mudhindo include Arthur Chanda Chahweta, Leonard Sithole and Tinomuvonga Dube. These are the only artists known by this scribe to have been assisted by Ronnie Mudhindo but Mudhindo says most people think he only helps those who are sons of veteran musicians. On the contrary, he helps anyone who has a talent regardless of their backgrounds. He is even planning to open a school of arts and a football academy in Zimbabwe.

“At the moment I don’t charge any amount for assisting people, rather some would just give me a token of appreciation when they are pleased with what I’ll have done for them.” Says Vazvamburi.