Zim Is Not Your Personal Property, Biti Tells Mnangagwa
17 September 2020
Tendai Biti

Farai Dziva|MDC Alliance vice president, Hon Tendai Biti has said the reappointment of Sydney Gata to the troubled government-controlled ZESA Holdings board is shocking and unacceptable.

Hon Biti also hailed ZINASU president Takudzwa Ngadziore for challenging the wicked Zanu PF regime.

“After one week in unlawful detention it was a delight to listen to ⁦
⁩ President The fight against impunity & regime enablers such as Impala Car Hire & Innscor must continue .

We are proud of you Takudzwa. With the youth , the country is safe…

The re- appointment of Sydney Gata to the illegally created post of #ZESA Executuve Chairman by Emmerson is shocking .

Gata is one of the most incompetent & most corrupt CEOs of any time.

Reappointing him confirms patronage and cronyism .

It confirms his total contempt for decency.

A country cannot be run by one so driven by the desire for self enrichment and aggrandizement.

Zimbabwe is not a commodity and surely policy making should not be about extraction and self enrichment.Emmerson has taken us to new lows Uncharted territories for looting and plunder .This must stop,” argued Hon Biti.