‘Komichi Says He’s Taking Over Auxillia From Today’ …
19 September 2020

By Mari Matutu | Admit Morgen Komichi is a traitor but one thing for sure he has is balls, big enough to take over Auxillia from Emmerson. It’s happened. Sad.

I know some will be quick to say bad words. I do not mind. Yesterday he announced that his party MDC-T is now called MDC-Alliance.

In 2013 he came in front and declared NIKUV has used a ballot that change votes. No matter what you say he set an agenda for Zimbabwe and explanation for MDC T. On 15 February 2018 He stood up and declared that Nelson Chamisa is the president of the party MDC T and it set the record. Khupe lost. At election result 2018 he grabbed the mike and said the elections are fake.

Komichi at congress set record that Mwonzora or Mudzuri cannot contest Chamisa and it happened.
When he lost post of VP he became a sellout yes but he took his talent.

At the door steps of the Supreme Court, he declared saying Chamisa is illegitimate. For 6 months now it’s as he declared. Today he has announced he is MDC A. It looks like the obvious will happen.

If you do not have a person brave to stand up declare things and stand your ground you might as well help the nation and stop politics.

We voted you as MDC-A. The constitution is clear that elections are done in accordance with electoral laws. SC: MDC A or MDC T are not electoral laws.

s129(1)(k) does not provide for recall of member for ceasing to belong to party A which is a member of party B.

The wording of election results declaration are not changed by anyone beside an electoral court order after petition.

S4 of Act say MDC A is a political party and the party registered office bearers in terms of s38A. The candidates chose MDC A on prescribed form and were accepted by MDC A. As candidates who sot authority of office bearers from a party they are not bound by agreements of the party with any other person.

Right to stand for election is in terms of s67 (3)(b) given to citizens not political parties who then exercise s67(1)(b) political choice of who to contest in conjunction with. They made choice. No one can give them party to belong. MDC T is yet to prove how these members ever belonged to them in terms of electoral law.

Seats are not vacant we wait for you ZEC in terms of s233(f) to remedy the injustice and direct Parliament to cancel their declaration vacancies because ZEC has duty to see constitutionalism is observed and ZEC has to secure the observance of values and principles democracy are observed.

The only seats we shall contest are those vacant by death and recalls by other parties.

Should ZEC accept the directive of parliament and MDC T then let the world know that the will of the people is stolen and there is no independent electoral body. The world must know that the electoral body has subjected itself to a political agreement and constitution of a party and disputes are which civil matters and not electoral disputes.