Khupe Reveals Why The Party Recalled Gwanda Mayor
20 September 2020

By A Correspondent- Dr ThokozaniKhupe spokesperson Khaliphani Phugenihas revealed why the party recalled Gwanda Mayor Jastone Mazhale.

In an interview with the state media, Phugeni dismissed claims that they wanted to cripple operations of local authorities saying they were only targeting corrupt individuals and those that had publicly declared that they had ceased being members of the MDC-T.

He said:

“I will give you the example of the Gwanda Mayor, Jastone Mazhale we had to recall him after he declared that after we met with them as councillors he had just come in to listen but did not recognise us, honestly how then do you keep a councillor who makes such declarations. Even the former Deputy Mayor of Bulawayo, Tinashe Kambarami, he came out in the media declaring that he recognises the MDC Alliance as his parent party not the MDC-T clearly he rendered himself not part of the party hence we had no choice but to recall him.”