“Zanu Pf, ANC Bond Unbreakable”: Mutsvangwa
20 September 2020

By Own Correspondent| The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairman, Christopher Mutsvangwa has said reports he called “social media shananigans” that there is bad blood between the ANC and Zanu PF are just treacherous work of Zanu PF opposers and they are not true because the bond between Zanu PF and the ANC is strong.

Speaking to the publication, Mutsvangwa said:

The MDC and G40-Gamatox are trying to forge a shot-gun marriage with the ANC. This is a forlorn and stillbirth adventure. It is riding on inclinations of treachery and bribery by dark forces that have a history and habit of plundering Africa’s bountiful resources. The two sister liberation movements — ANC and ZANU PF are not novices to these shenanigans.

The unflinching self-sacrifice for the just cause of the majority has ensured that they both remain loyal and principled to the cause.

The bonds forged, tried and tested in the trenches of the armed struggle against racist and apartheid settler minority regimes bind us to political eternity

It is now more than two decades that they have been in power after defeating apartheid. Zimbabwe has repeatedly been shielded from the depredations of the time-proven enemies of African freedom and progress.”