Reduced Data Charges Only Way Social Distancing Can Be Maintaned
21 September 2020

JOHANNESBURG – It is not only shocking but also unacceptable that South Africa has such high data costs, said media commentator, Victor Kgomoeswana.

On Monday, the country entered lockdown Level 1.

Experts are warning that it is crucial people maintain social distancing to avoid a second wave of COVID-19 infections.

Kgomoeswana says for social distancing to be a success, making mobile data affordable is critical.

“South Africa already is not a rich country, in other words, the majority of South Africans are poor so they struggle but because data is so important, their children cannot attend lessons.

“The teachers are not able to go to school because they are trying to avoid the spread,” he said.

South Africa is ranked 148 out of 228 countries when it comes to data prices.

Source: eNCA