Khupe Victory In Marondera, A Reflection Of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Cunning Plan To Destroy MDC Alliance. ..
25 September 2020



Mdc Alliance Namibia is neither mesmerised nor transfixed by the symbiotic interdependence between corrupt Zanupf and their political surrogates championed by Khupe, Mwonzora,Komichi and unknown Festus Dumbu. This was unearthed when a Zanupf councillor intervened as a tier-breaker resulting in the slim victory of the desperate Mdc-Thokozani party in Marondera on Tuesday. Surely we can’t be delighted to get symphathy from Zanupf.

The Mdc-T previously recalled five Mdc Alliance councillors in the 12-ward council, exploiting the compromised and biased Supreme Court judgement. The People’s Party (Mdc Alliance) had won 11 out 12 wards, with Zanupf’s Joel Mujaranji of ward 12 snatching a single seat for the clueless Zanupf morons. Mayor Chengetai Murowa was ousted by the victims of a psychosocial disability. The mentally retarded Khupe managed to convince only three (3) Mdc Alliance councillors who jumped out of the freedom train to join politically inept and frail outfit reliant on Zanupf sponsorship. They combined with their Zanupf Mujaranji’s secured ward 2 councillor Simbarashe Nyahuye as he beat the defiant and resolute Alliance’s Boniface Tagwirei 4-3.

Furthermore, Mdc Alliance Namibia has the conviction that Khupe and cronies are relying on Zanupf mentorship. This is a fulfilment of their sadist plot to decimate the People’s project led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. It is a severe impairment in intellectual ability to doubt that the illegal recalls are a direct instigation from lunatic Zanupf hooligans. As social democrats, we solidly object the satanic attempt to suffocate the will of the people through connivance and elevation of a counterfeit opposition meant to mute genuine revolutionaries.

Moreover, in a virtual meeting undertaken by Mdc Alliance Namibia, the Spokesperson Robson Ruhanya postulates that the recalls are “strident and vociferous hoodwinks” by frustrated Khupe whose pathetic party only won two (2) proportional representation in parliament in 2018 harmonised elections. She just harvested an insignificant 45-000 votes in juxtaposition with President Advocate Nelson Chamisa who resoundingly amassed 2.6 million votes according to our figures and more than 2.1 million votes as per captured Zec’s untruthful announcement. This is distinct incontrovertible evidence of a psychophantic demeanor or conduct in the politicians of plunder and self-enrichment.

Moreso, Mdc Alliance Namibia District Secretary for Elections, E. Macheka declared Khupe and her cabal electoral fraudsters who are unremorsefully riding on the authoritarian and despotic environment anchored by Zanupf dictatorship.

In a nutshell, Mdc Alliance Namibia will remain genuinely and resolutely behind the People’s Party and it’s astute leader. The infuriated Youth Assembly in Rundu led by our organic Chairperson, Misheck Bunga pledged to exploit all the available organs to guard against Zanupf intervention in our politics. He emotionally expressed his outrage and insatiable appetite to defend the party , its vibrant leadership and the objective membership from political hypocrites who intend to hijack the national democratic revolution

Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya