Gold Miner Plunges Twenty Meters Down A Shaft In Yet Another Fatal Small Scale Mining Accident
28 September 2020

Paul Nyathi

Another miner has died in yet another mining accident in the small scale mining sector.

23-year-old Aaron Pirikisi last week after slipping from a rope attached to a hoist which was being used to transport him from underground.

The accident happened at Discovery 112S mine situated at Eiffel Flats, Kadoma.

Mashonaland West acting police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Ian Kohwera confirmed the incident.

“The hoist took a few minutes to start moving, prompting the now deceased to disembark from the hoist cage intending to signal those operating from the surface that something was wrong,” Kohwera said.

“All of a sudden, the hoist started moving while Pirikisi was still outside the cage. Fearing that he would be left underground, Pirikisi grabbed a rope which was attached to the hoist cage with the hope to go all the way up to the surface, but he lost grip and fell into the shaft 20 metres down and died instantly.”

Pirikisi’s body was retrieved by fellow mine workers before a report was made to Eiffel Flats police.