Electricity Tariffs Shoot Up Again A Week After Another Increase.
1 October 2020

Paul Nyathi

 The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has yet again increased domestic electricity tariffs by 50 percent following a similar increase last week.

The authority warned of another increase on November 1.

In an increase announced on Thursday, the power utility raised the first 50 kilowatts from Z$0.74 to Z$1.19 making it Z$59.50, while the first 200 KW will now cost Z$387 at Z$2.58 KwH.

The third band which begins from 201 to 300KW will be sold at Z$7 per KwH, translating to Z$700.

Zesa says it owes coal suppliers and regional power companies in excess of US$80 million, which it hopes to raise through hiking tariffs.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority gave the nod to the tariff increases. In a letter to the power utility on September 29, ZERA CEO Edington Mazambani okayed what he described as “outstanding tariff adjustments.”

He added that ZEDTC should go on to implement the 50 percent increase on October 1 “and another on November 1.”

New Zesa tarrifs from October 1, 2020

♦ 0 – 50 KW ( $1.19/KwH) – Z$59.50

♦ 51 – 200 KW ($2.58/KwH) – Z$387.00

♦ 201 – 300KW (7.00/KwH) – Z$700.00

♦ 301+ KW ($11.01/KwH)