Passion Java Takes Bling Bling War To Ginimbi’s Doorstep
5 October 2020
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Controversial socialite Passion Java has taken his battle for flamboyance with Genius Kadungure to a whole new level after erecting 20 purposeless billboards around Harare including one in Domboshava, where his rival stays.

Passion and Ginimbi are no strangers to controversy as they regularly flaunt their riches in public and at times dishing out money to people.

They have also competed buying porsche cars with Ginimbi recently taking delivery of a USD$1 Million Lamborghini which his rival already had among his fleet.

Not to be outdone, Passion who is now known as a socialite than a cleric bragged that he was in the process of upgrading his fleet with a

The United States based socialite posted on Instagram that he had erected 20 billboards in Harare, reserving one for his rival’s backyard just to prove a point that he is more papered.