Exposing Douglas Mwonzora’s Hypocrisy
25 October 2020

24 October 2020

By Pafungeyi Gore

The history of fighting for an egalitarian society has been littered with pretenders.

It was absolutely clear that the Muzorewa attempt to unseat the Mugabe Zanu PF led regime from 1980-2005 was failing to gather momentum.

One Douglas Mwonzora remains stuck in illusions that one day the outfit will defeat Zanu PF. The change momentum gathered pace in the late 1990s and it resulted in the formation of MDC.

Many right thinking adults back then joined the promising MDC only the Mwonzoras failed to believe in the MDC’S appeal. Six years after he decided to join the movement not because he believed in it but he found an opportunity to annihilate the party from within.

His modus operandi was clear capture the people by manipulating emotions, use mudslinging as a way of taking power.

The 2013 massive rigging by Zanu PF provided him with an opportunity to deal with the MDC power matrix. The MDC structures easily forgot about rigging and focused much of their anger on the then Organising Secretary Nelson Chamisa. Douglas Mwonzora went on mudslinging spree capitalising on the failure by structures to sift through the Nikuv rigging scheme which was way beyond how primary elections were done.

His scheme which was aided by mudslinging remniscent of Zanu PF 2014 dismissal of Joyce Mujuru managed to win him the Secretary General post.

Some of us who were backing Advocate Chamisa believed back then and to this day that the Congress was rigged and dirty money exchanged hands on the Congress. Hallmarks of a Zanu hand were all over.

Zanu PF had already planned it’s game in advance, cause confusion, scatter cimmitted comrades and ensure voter apathy. As the confusion persists it benefits the Zanu PF regime.

Zanu PF will simply claim to be organised more than the opposition because of one Morrison Nyathi who is after power for power’s sake.

He claims to be a genius in terms of law but he is failing to read the modus operandi which shows a deliberate attempt to ignore the obvious.

Zanu PF is well known for thwarting the opposition’s ability to organise but one Douglas Mwonzora was moving around the country with the sole aim of causing confusion among the opposition supporters .
He has indeed become a regime enabler.

Douglas Mwonzora