MDC Alliance Dares Zanu Pf Over Sanctions Mantra
28 October 2020

By A Correspondent- MDC Alliance Kwekwe legislator Hon Settlement Chikwinya on Tuesday dared the Zanu Pf led government over its lies that sanctions are behind Zimbabwe’s economic woes arguing that corruption affected the country’s economic perfomance more.

Said Chikwinya:

“I rise on a point of privilege in that on the 25th of October, Zimbabwe commemorates what it calls Anti Sanctions Day. These are conditions that are being labeled as making life difficult for the majority of Zimbabweans.

As a Member of Parliament, various persuasions have been given especially by the Government and the ruling party.

From an opposition perspective, I think it is now time that we lay bare the facts of what is affecting our economic performance.

Therefore, I challenge Members of the ruling party to come with a motion to deal with what is affecting the economic performance of our country armed with evidence of sanctions and us armed with evidence of corruption. I thank you.2