Supposed Opposition Legislator Sings Mnangagwa Praises
1 November 2020

Honourable Peter Moyo who dumped Nelson Chamisa for Thokozani Khupe has told Parliament that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is doing his best for the country but he is alone.

The Southerton legislator said the President is fighting for every Zimbabweans to have a better life but there are others who are working against him.

Speaking in the National Assembly, the legislator said if the President was not on the forefront of fighting corruption, Henrietta Rushwaya would not have been arrested.

“The President is trying his level best, but he is alone in this fight. If he was not on the forefront to fight corruption, you can be rest assured that the person who was arrested with gold at the airport was not going to be arrested.

“People had the audacity to switch off the CCTV so that they would not be seen but we thank God, there were people who were honest to defeat this Lucifer. I am happy for those people who are courageous enough,” he said.

Honourable said the situation is the same when it comes to local authorities where the President want everyone to have a roof over their head, but other are coming to destroy those houses.

He said it was high time that President Mnangagwa look around him adding that there are big brains out there waiting to be tapped.

“You go to the local authorities out there; they sell residential stands to desperate home seekers. They have become land barons in every local authority.

“The President is fighting for every citizen to have shelter over his or her head, but some people are busy demolishing those houses. They are working against the President. It is high time the President looks around. There are big brains out there.

“There are big brains in the opposition who can take this country forward than the people he thinks love him. Even as I speak, I can be a very good Minister. I can do a better job than the people we think are in front of us and they are better equipped to do a better job,” he said.

According to Honourable Moyo, people surrounding President Mnangagwa pretend to defend him during the day but fight him during the night.

“They are working against the President but if they come here, they say ‘ah, we are here to defend the President, we are here to support him’ but during the night, they work against him. Therefore, corruption must be fought from all cylinders,” said the legislator.