Teachers Now Fight Each Other As ZIMTA Blasts Fellow Teachers’ Unions – Full Statement
2 November 2020

Press Statement on 02 November 2020


  1. The first choice professional trade union for teachers in Zimbabwe, (ZIMTA), takes this opportunity to remind and reassure all professional teachers in Zimbabwe that the necessary groundwork and research needed for teachers to deal decisively with incapacitation is being done. Teachers will continue to be fully represented without fear or favour.
  2. ZIMTA and its leadership thanks all of you who have been taking time to engage on issues of incapacitation and everyone who is taking part in the ongoing discussions about NJNC talks and scenarios and the choices available for teachers.
  3. We hereby urge all of you professional teachers not to be disturbed by the ongoing side shows being put up by rival teacher unions and individuals who spend loads of precious time on social media discussing imaginary meetings, talks, discussions and situations taking place in ZIMTA. Obviously we as the leading professional teacher association in Zimbabwe do not expect much from these briefcase teachers unions, cum political parties whose main agenda is to drag ZIMTA’s professionalism into the mud.
  4. As Bona –Fide members would know, OURS is a professional union, for professional teachers whose main occupation is teaching, not politics or gambling or smear campaigns.
  5. Bona Fide Teachers would also be aware that there is absolutely nothing wrong with engaging the government of the day, with a view to explaining our situation and seeking for win –win scenarios rather than dwelling on adversarial campaigns that might not bring teachers out of their incapacitation dilemma.
  6. ZIMTA is a legend in the game of trade unionism. Not only do we lead in terms of membership, but our ideas and strategies have kept teacher trade unionism alive for the past 80 years in Zimbabwe. We are still here and still leading.
  7. Contrary to what you hear from projects such as Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe(ARTUZ) with an estimated 100 teachers in their data-base and PTUZ which has about 15 percent of TOTAL ZIMTA’s membership, ZIMTA is officially the leading trade union of choice, professionally delivering on teachers’ needs and welfare issues and practical labour matters.
  8. We are aware of the all the hate speech campaigns, lies and misrepresentations about ZIMTA ‘s engagement with the State President, But we are not moved or irked by ARTUZ and Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ)’s machinations or other much insignificant rivals aspiring to get to the ZIMTA level of professionalism and skill, Contrary to their actions , ours is to encourage them to join us , so that we may capacitate them and work with them for the benefit of the Teachers, whom they purport to represent.
  9. Finally, WE CALL on Teachers to remain FOCUSED, remain CALM. WE are here to Represent YOU.
  10. ZIMTA is the Teachers, the Teachers are ZIMTA.

Solidarity Forever! ……ALUTA Continua………ZIMTA FOR LIFE