BREAKING- MUREHWA MURDER: Gogo Beaulah Confirms Tapiwa’s Blood Remains Were Taken To Harare, As N’anga Says Dzivarasekwa Near Mnangagwa’s House.
3 November 2020
Latest details on Tapiwa Makore murder link Harare and Murehwa- file pic

…Tapiwa’s blood remains were taken to Harare on the carpet and washed off in the capital city’s Budiriro surbub…

By A Correspondent | The self confessed killer of the slain MUREHWA 7 year old boy, Tapiwa Makore, Tafadzwa Shamba, was seen carrying likely body parts wrapped inside a towel to Harare.

The latest details link well with those of a n’anga who alleges Tapiwa’s head was taken to Harare’s Dzivarasekwa Surbub, near ZANU PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa’s main house since independence 1980.

Last week carried a lengthy news analysis and investigation exploring this murder and many others that ever happened since 1983.

The latest grissly details concerning the state in which the toddler’s body was found severally dismembered on 17th of September, were narrated on Tete Tilda’s program Tuesday morning.

Another woman who was arrested by the police last week, called Maud Hunidzarira, has the latest trail of detail concerning what happened to the body remains, as alleged.

The Makore family spokesperson, one, Gogo Beaulah, speaking from Murehwa announced saying:

“This Maud Hunidzarira is a resident of the area, at the place where Tapiwa snr and the self confessed killer, Tafadzwa buy Kachasu (dangerous Afro-whisky)beer”

She continued saying, “this is the woman who was taken by police officers yesterday.

“Her relationship with Tapiwa Makore senior, is not known at present,” she added.

“Maud Hunidzarira was arrested in Budiriro, Harare after residents alerted the police when they witnessed her washing a carpet full of blood, that is what she was caught washing.

“Two, others are saying they witnessed the man Tafadzwa being given a towel which Tafadzwa has said he used to carry the slain child.”

This statement correlates well with Tafadzwa Shamba’s own witness statement in which he says he carried the slain toddler in a towel.

Gogo Beaulah continued saying, “so people were seeing these things, so they are the ones who informed the police alerting them that this woman might have something to do with the murder of Tapiwa, so of the police then arrested her.

The development likely means that the killers took the carpet all the way to Harare where they would wash it.

“This is what it means,” Gogo Beaulah said.

Maud brews Kachasu beer and is a Murehwa resident, she is the same also called Mai Katsande who the killer says travelled to to buy Kachasu from after feeding the lad, still alive at that time with sadza meal and fish.

“We continue to thank the police because they are continuing to do their work we know that the truth will come out in the end,” Gogo Beaulah said.

On the whereabouts of the remains, she continued saying,

“We will continue talking until all the body parts have been found.

“The hands are missing, the private parts and the head, are all missing. We are not going to rest until the child has rested,” said the source only identified as Gogo Beula.

On the delay in burial, Gogo Beaulah said: “What has delayed the burial at the results of DNA, at the same time the police are still conducting their investigations we are still waiting for the police to give word,” she said.