FACT CHECK: ZANU PF Patriots Literally Stole South African Military Helicopter Video?
6 November 2020
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On Tuesday afternoon, Zanu PF Patriots posted a video showing soldiers jumping out of a Chopper at an army camp on their Twitter page with a quote “Zimbabwean good soldiers!! Watch”.

After some vigorous fact checking, we found out that it was actually a video of South African soldiers at an army training camp. The earliest internet age that could be established at the time of writing was 8 months ago and was posted on Maravi Post which is a Malawi news publication website. The news article was reporting about the deployment of military personnel in preparation for South Africas first 21-day lockdown; which occurred earlier this year on the 23rd of March. But on the Zanu PF Patriots twitter page, the video was recently posted two days ago on the 4th of November. Which proves that they have used a video clip that doesn’t belong to them, for they removed the original sound of the Chopper and replaced it with Zimbabwean music to make it seem so recent and use it to falsely represent the Zimbabwe National Army.