“Hopewell Chin’ono Is Not A Criminal”
6 November 2020

Tinashe Sambiri|The lawyer representing prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono, Beatrice Mtetwa is not happy with the fact that her client was taken to Chikurubi Maximum Prison in leg irons.

Arguing in court on Friday, Mtetwa said her client was not a “dangerous criminal” and there was no need for the prison officers to take him to Chikurubi in leg irons.

According to Mtetwa, Chin’ono was illegally detained.

Chin’ono is not a security threat, according to Mtetwa.

She also demanded to know Chin’ono was taken to Chikurubi and subjected to security procedures done on serious criminals.

Mtetwa also argued the time indicated on the remand form is different from the 1715hrs stated by the IO which means his evidence is false.

Hopewell Chin’ono